History of Troop 955



Owassipe, where do I begin? Owassipe is the camp above all. This is the highlight of every scouts summer; the trip we all wait impatiently for. You can do a range of activities! From tubing in the beautiful waters, to crafting spectacular objects in handycraft (Do you even sew bro!). We have fun all day and all evening. Starting from 7:00 to 6 at night. Troop 955 personally takes residency in Camp Blackhawk! (Go!) The Diner at Blackhawk serves three gourmet meals with entertaining in-meal activities. As a part of the summer camp experience, troop 955 does extra activities, just to add the awesomeness. We pick a night and go to the local ice cream shop; the Dairy Treat! The big item at this wonder location is the one and only, Monster shake! A huge shake cup of a mixture of any of your favorite flavor ranging from Carmel, to lemon, to cookie doe. At the end of the week on a Saturday, we take a challenging canoe trip, reaching our ultimate goal of the very popular drive in restaurant; Dog and Suds. We settle down and grab a burger and root beer float. The next day, we pack up and say goodbye to the beloved Camp Blackhawk (Go!) and head to a waterpark. Then after the troop is clean and exhausted, it’s off to Chicago. I can’t wait to go back!

CAMP CHICAGO, December 7 – 8, 2016

It was a Friday night when the scouts of Troop 955 entered EPLC with a certain gleam in their eye. They knew that a night of fun was in the making. After all kinds of games, and lots of snacks our teams made their own pizzas – OUTSTANDING!

Saturday morning we had a great breakfast and boarded the train. It wasn’t long until we were at the top of the Willis (Sears) Tower “floating” 103 floors above the street and taking in multiple states. Then it was off to the Civic Center Plaza and the holiday bazaar. From there we went to the Cultural Center and began the scavenger hunt.

Only a couple hours later, the winners had emerged. They will receive their recognition at awards night.

TURKEY IN THE SAND, Indiana Dunes State Park, November 9, 10, 11, 2012

There is evidence that humans have explored the region known as the Indian Dunes since the time that the glaciers receded. There is much early archeological evidence of hunting camps from various bands in the Dunes area. In this tradition, a group of intrepid explorers and adventurers, lets call them 955 for convenience, went to this same area to explore, seek adventure and hunt game. (OK, the ‘hunt game’ part could is a stretch!)

These explorers went as far as the Iron Horse could take them and then reverted to the transportation method of ancient man, trekking across the countryside. Led by one known curiously as, The SPL, and his assistants, the 955 group arrived at their target area and established a base. Utilizing the geography established thousands of years earlier this intrepid band explored and increased their knowledge by day. At night, under the coordination of “The Turkey Czar”, they, like those who came before them, took advantage of local (Yes, they do have Butterball turkeys locally.) game.

This 955 group, in the finest traditions and somewhat like the pilgrims, pioneered nutritional strategies. Utilizing a great team approach and much positive energy, they developed and implemented unique nutritional concoctions for sweet potatoes, baked beans, mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans. They produced a type of broccoli that smiles at you, overcoming man’s natural resistance to eating broccoli and virtually demanding to be eaten. Taking their cue to overcome that yucky stuff from a can, they determined to improve that which grocers call “canned cranberries” and, in so doing, came up with a taste treat sensation unseen in those woods all the way back to the glaciers! This group made the State of Georgia sit up and take notice with their peach tree creation and, perhaps most importantly, the 955 group turned refuse collection material into the vehicle of a scrumptious main course. WOW, just won’t cover what these 955 guys accomplished!

Those who ventured out with the can do attitude should be justifiably proud, happy and completely ‘unhungry’! Parent units should also be proud. A great job by all accounts!

Winter Camping At Owassipe December 3rd-5th, 2010

Winter camping at Owassipe was well worth the drive up there. The first night when we came up everyone unloaded the gear and got their stuff ready. That night when everything was unloaded we got out the games and had hot chocolate. Then the next day right after a delicious breakfast was made everyone got their snow gear ready and went out side to have a giant snowball war. Then everyone went in for some lunch and games. Then people went back outside for more snowball fights. Then after another night of games it was time to leave for Chicago.
:Matthew R.

Camp Chicago

Camp Chicago was great, everybody who came set up where they wanted to sleep and then had a great time playing dodge ball, board games or just having snacks while people watched the magnificent seven. Then the next day everyone got cleaned up the games or cooked breakfast. Then they all got on the metra to downtown. After that they all took the CTA bus to the Lincoln Park zoo. We walked from there to the John Hancock observatory. Then taking the CTA bus back to catch a Metra train back to the church.
Matthew R.

Written by O’Harry, ghostwriter to the historian, not to be confused with O’Henry.

This is a tale of daring, truth and culinary delight. Once upon a time there were fifteen knights who rode boldly into a land called cheese. These knights were brave, daring and in search of adventure. Riding through the night past many a castle, these knights set up their parapets in a land dubbed Shin go beek (meaning “evergreen”) and took it as their own. Establishing their mastery of the area the knights established a whole civilization at Shin go beek . . . then they went to bed.

Upon waking they wrought forth their own unique brand of breakfast called “shingo beek burrito” (meaning ‘evergreen’ type stuff wrapped in a tortilla). Fueled by this unusual mixture of substances, the knights went forth to challenge the mountain of granite. Arriving at the mountain of granite they repeatedly assaulted the peaks and valleys, inviting total mastery of the mountains slopes. This activity went on well into the night with respites long enough for chicken noodles, dogs, buns and Chinese concoctions.

Returning, once again, to their parapets at Shingo-beek the knights slept very soundly. Awakened at first light, our knights ventured forth to prepare “shingo beek gaufre aux fraises” (meaning ‘evergreen’ kinda strawberry waffles.). Once these gaufres had been consumed in the conflict, their work was done. As is the way with these knights, they departed their dear Shingo-beek, leaving no trace that they had been there.

Was this the end of their adventure? Say not, Knave! The knights now began a rolling battle as they sought their goal to migrate from the land of cheese and return to their home land. This was made difficult as various supporters of the land called cheese tried to spin into their way, yet our knights remained steadfast, even in such irksome tasks as changing tires. The cheese people, apparently influenced by a curious mutant entity called a “Green Bay Packer,” kept coming at them. Our knights maintained their course despite all hardships, and successfully returned to the land of political goo!

Now these knights will gather their tools and prepare themselves. The knights have resolved to set forth, again, into cheeseland in just a few short weeks, despite whatever spinning, plunging and battering the evil forces may use to challenge them. Stay tuned for more reports from the adventure (fort) front!

Turkey in the Sand – November 12 – 14, 2010

The turkey in the sand camping trip was a phenomenal success. People had a great time whether it was just looking around the campsite for small hills to hiking down the trail to Lake Michigan. Though it did rain before people had to come back, when it had started raining everybody was rushing to get back to the campsite. Everybody can agree that it was a good idea having the parent’s come to the site and eat with us. I would say that people also liked that we took a metra train and the CTA to and home from the dunes. In my opinion it was a great trip and anybody who went would go again if it didn’t rain and was a little bit warmer.
Matthew R