Meetings take place
most Mondays
between 7:00pm-8:30pm
at Edison Park Lutheran Church

Upcoming troop meeting dates


Over the past few years interest in the Klondike Derby has been minimal. However, we are a
troop headed for the ALPS – IN WINTER! We need to be winter folk. Like Santa, Eskimos,
Elves, etc. As such, we want to be out there in the winter laughing at the cold! Ha Ha Ha! Take

To show our disdain for the cold we will be holding the first ever Troop 955 Winter Outdoor
Picnic and Yodel Event! There will be fires (assuming that we have tinder, kindling and fuel
wood), Hot Chocolate, and a lunch that Chef Boy R D would envy and more. Opportunities for
outdoor rank advancement in such things as finding directions, one mile compass course, fire
building, demonstrating water rescues, measuring heights and distances without tools and

Want to win a nice knife or an L E D lantern, ? Give our winter contests a try. Ever try a three
legged race in the snow? Ever thrown a frozen fish along the tundra for distance and accuracy?
Can you yodel? (In Switzerland, they yodel. I have seen the movies! Learn to yodel and impress
the Swiss people when you arrive.)

Sign up by January 23, 2017. $5.00 and the Universal Registration form are all you need. Transport to and from the location is an individual scout responsibility. Yo Da Lay He Who!

(What if I needed that requirement about using woods tools to gather tinder, kindling and
fuelwood; then build a fire; light it and keep it going for at least 10 minutes. Perhaps I wanted to
think ahead, plan ahead, get ahead so I gathered the best tinder {all by myself}, and kindling
before I even got there. Mr Gawne has just finished gathering his before the snow returns so
that he can build his fire easily. Read your handbook to make sure you get the right stuff and the
right amount of the right stuff.)


The tentative date for the Pancake Breakfast is February 12th. Jen Trotman is the chairperson for this fundraiser and needs your help to make this year’s breakfast as successful as past years. We are looking for parent volunteers.

Please look at the list and sign up for any position you can help with. If you have any questions, feel free to email Jen at:

Volunteer Positions

  • Printing Flyers (one parent)
  • Tickets (one parent to distribute tickets to each scouting family and one parent to collect tickets & money)
  • Raffles (the list is already printed up for you, I would need 3-4 parents to return to the businesses and ask them to donate again)
  • Raffle Basket/Table Set-up (2-3 parents)
  • Decorations Day of Breakfast (Need either a coordinator and one parent OR someone to help Sarah Van Dorpe if she is coordinator again this year)
  • Bake Sale (Need either a coordinator and one parent OR someone to help Valerie Johns if she is coordinator again this year)
  • Church (Need one parent to schedule scouts to sell breakfast tickets and/or hand out flyers at EPLC before and after services)
  • Advertisement (Need a parent or two to work with the troop to make signs to post around the neighborhood AND a parent or two to advertise the breakfast via blogs/Facebook/Alderman’s office/etc.)


Monday, January 30, 6:45 p.m., 1845 hrs, Quarter to seven in the evening

This is a patrol event and competition. Patrols should meet in advance and prepare for this
event. Each patrol receives significant points when they turn in the minutes of the patrol meeting that they held to plan and the diagram of the raceway that they will build. HOPE YOU HAVE BEEN SAVING THOSE WRAPPING PAPER AND PAPER TOWEL TUBES!

Minutes and diagrams will be turned in at the very beginning of the Jan 30 meeting.


Romance and pancakes! Who would have ever thought? Troop 955’s annual pancake breakfast
fundraiser is Sunday morning, February 12. More information and tickets to sell will be coming
home soon. Remember, our raffle and bake sale can help you with Valentine’s Day! The
pancakes are awfully good, too. Being that this is a fundraiser and social event, there are no
calories or fat associated with anything that you eat! See you there.


The SCOUT ski outing is Saturday, February 18 & 19, 2017 and will be held at Granite Peak,
Wausau, WI. Scouts and leaders who will be skiing with troop will each make out a Troop 955
Granite Peak Form, a lift waiver, rental waiver (if you are renting), and helmet agreement
(helmets are required by BSA. If you do not bring one, you must rent one {no bike helmets, no
football helmets, no helmets that fit him when he was six, etc.}).

Troop participants must eat a healthy, hearty breakfast at home, before coming to EPLC.Troop participants must eat a healthy, hearty breakfast at home, before coming to EPLC. Lunch will be provided by the troop (thereby saving a boatload of cash because food prices at GP are the opposite of bargain) as will dinner (off site dinner), overnight lodging, and a healthy, hearty Sunday breakfast. Saturday breakfast will not be provided by the troop nor will there be time to stop for breakfast on the way. Troop participants must eat a healthy, hearty breakfast at home, before coming to EPLC. (Have you guessed that this has been an issue on multiple occasions and that parents and scouts have ignored this requirement in the past?)

Cost for the outing will be the ski expense, as necessary, (if you have your own skis and helmet
you only need a lift ticket) and $17.50. We have special forms for this event and can be picked up at a troop meeting.

Remember, to qualify for Switzerland you must be a skier and demonstrate good skiing skills at
the location that best simulates the Alps. Granite Peak is the best spot we have to do this. Saturday afternoon at Granite Peak we will test out anyone who is ready. Kinda like the Snow Sports Merit Badge skiing performance requirements. Why wait for next year when you can qualify this year. What if next year you are playing in game 7 of the World Series? Of course, if you are not yet Jean Claude Kiley, you might want to wait.


You may have noted that the group gets a significant discount. You may have said to yourself,
“self, I wish I could get that discount for the rest of my family.” If you said that we MAY be able
to help you – with conditions.

If a scout’s family wishes to purchase tickets with our group, they may do so. However, they will
be responsible for their own food, their own transport, and their own lodging and there are other
conditions too. (This is where all that experience in doing outings comes in!) Please note that if
the scout goes on the outing as a scout, he will be with the troop as part of the troop, do our
check ins, eat with the troop, sleep with the troop, etc.

Granite Peak also requires waivers. Yes, the lawyers are in everything! When registering you
must submit the appropriate waivers with the application. LOTS of paperwork, but it cannot be
avoided and no scout goes on the trip without the right waivers.


How would you feel if your scout saved the neighbors life? If you look at Boy’s Life magazine
there are countless stories of scouts who saved others because of what they learned in Scouting. How do you learn to apply training in an emergency? You practice those skills in situations that put you under stress, that’s how.

A first aid meet provides the type of stress that exponentially increases the odds of someone performing well in an actual emergency. Behavioral scientists have known this for years and countless studies have supported this principle. First aid meets prepare scouts to save lives even 25 years after the fact. That’s the fact Jack!

The first aid meet this year is Saturday, March 11. Plan on attending. This is something that sets up a scout to be a hero 20 – 30 years from now! Its a proven fact. Learning first aid at the meetings is great. Testing knowledge under stress makes all the difference!


Our annual Camp Rokolio event is fast approaching. This year we will be in the castle, protected by the moat and the ramparts, once again. As usual, board games will provide entertainment and challenge during breaks in the attacking, defending, sledding and other activities. Hot chocolate will reign supreme as the beverage of choice.

Each patrol must submit menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner to be cooked in a ditch oven and to feed at least 12 persons. 12 people. All 3 meals prepared by the patrol will be Dutch oven cooked. These menus are due in the Scoutmaster’s hands no later than Monday, February 13. The troop menu form must be utilized and ALL equipment needed for preparing the food must be listed. The nutritional value must also be indicated.

At Gee Nee Us Night we will open Rokolio to the Webelos scouts. Remember that the number of persons allowed in the castle is limited and we cannot exceed that number. First come, first served.

Reserve your spot with $35.00 and the universal registration form.

We typically have a large group for this and need drivers. For the adults, you get a nice bunk with a mattress, running warm water with showers and flush toilets, heated facility and great food! Time to read and relax (don’t tell anyone), and, best of all, you get to watch the guys in action.


Crossover will be held May 5, 6, 7 at Camp Solomon Crown, Wilmot, WI. This year we hope to avoid the snow. Camp Crown is 1 hour, 4 minutes away. We hope that many of our parents will come for dinner on Saturday, meet the new scout parents, eat a great meal and take note of the amazing event that their sons are putting on.

Scout leadership and teamwork in action. You can see it all, get a free meal and have a nice time. Remember when your son was crossing over? All too soon he will be heading off to college and these opportunities won’t come along anymore! Think about it! Please mark your calendar and make it a point to come out and support us . . . support him.


There are 4 luge tracks in the United States of America. Three are not open to the public. ONE is open to the public and caters to scouts! By a wonderful coincidence, that track – WITH THE GREATEST SLED RIDE YOU WILL EVER HAVE – is a few miles away from Owasippe!

On January 13, 2017, Troop 955 will head for OSR and check into the health lodge for the weekend. (This is not a medical check up!) Our health will soar as we get to go down the Luge and feel what only a few have felt! Where else can you go around a 180 degree turn – sideways – on your sled. If you fall off (and a couple have) your sled will get to the track end before you do while sliding on your jacket.

We will even have an opportunity to try snowshoeing and do some ice skating on an ice track that winds through the woods. Owasippe in the winter is amazing!!!

We will return later in the day on Sunday and then recover (and do homework) on Monday, MLK day. When you go back to school on Tuesday you can casually mention that you went luging over the weekend. Let’s see your buddies match that one!

Cost for food, lodging and luge is $55.00. Add snowshoes and skating for another $10.00. Deadline is December 19.


The 13th edition of the Boy Scout Handbook is now in service. Old editions are now defunct and no longer applicable. Many changes in rank requirements (which went into effect 1 Jan 16) are included in this edition as are many procedures and instructions, particularly in the first aid section. The book also has many upgrades for scout record keeping, etc.

Scouts are now required to complete scout skills in the manner prescribed in the 13th edition and NOT in the manner prescribed in the 12th edition. A scout who attempts to do CPR, for example, as described in the 12th edition, will be doing it incorrectly.

There are a lot of updates in the new book. This book is for sale at all scout shops, on line at or at Chicagoland Hobby, 6017 N. Northwest Highway. It comes in spiral binding or ‘perfect’ binding.


A new Medical Condition Update Form for Outings will now be required for each scout to be completed and turned in at departure time of each event. Please click here for the form.


Did you miss the summer tweets? Here’s the directions on how to follow the troop on twitter. Click here


The universal registration form can be found by clicking the Resources/Troop Forms tab or click here.

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