Meetings take place
most Mondays
between 7:00pm-8:30pm
at Edison Park Lutheran Church

Upcoming troop meeting dates


How would you like to win an led lantern, a multi tool and a very nice knife? Interested? Here’s the deal. Beginning Monday, March 2 and at every troop meeting until April 13 we will be timing scouts as they tie four knots in succession.

The knots are: the square knot, the bowline, the tautline hitch and the clove hitch. The fastest time wins all three items. The three runners-up receive multi tools.

Even if you couldn’t tie any of these knots there is plenty of time to get really good at them between now and April 13. A scout may be timed only once per troop meeting, but may try at every troop meeting he attends. One prize per person. (In other words if you have the two fastest times you can’t win two prizes.) Void in California and anywhere else where it might be prohibited.

Put a rope in your pocket. When you have a moment, tie a knot. Practice is what will give you the advantage. Do you embrace challenge or are you one of those naysayers who just gives up? Every scout in the Troop is capable of winning. That means that you can do it.


Does it ever occur to you that, “the kids have all the fun?” Well, the troop committee thinks so too and they have decided to do something about it. SO, PARENTS, Mark May 15 on your calendar as a tentative date when YOU get to have the fun. We are cooking up a parent only night wherein you are guaranteed to get some laughs, kick back, make some new friends and have a good time. More next week!


No Troop Meeting due to election set up at EPLCINSTEAD, we will be visiting Vertical Endeavors in Glendale Heights. Vertical Endeavors in Glendale Heights is a new, much larger facility than their previous Warrenville location. This is a fantastic facility that is set up to handle those who have never tried climbing before and those who experienced climbers who want to simulate cliff climbing in Oregon. It has a bouldering wall and lots more auto belay stations and beginner climbs. This event has always been a scout favorite. It is a great way for young men who have never tried climbing to give it a try without pressure and to set and achieve new goals. It is also a great way to get introduced to climbing and to set yourself up to get Climbing Merit Badge this summer at camp.

The cost is $18.00 per person. Money and forms can be brought to EPLC next Monday (Feb 16) morning during the PLC, next Monday (Feb 16) evening from 7:00 to 8:30 (no regular troop meeting, but I will be there anyway at another meeting) or by dropping them off at Mr. Gawne’s house. Please make your check out to Troop 955.
Transportation will be a parental responsibility. We strongly suggest patrol car pooling as the way to go. Parents who drive are welcome to drive in shifts, CLIMB with us (same price – come on don’t let the scouts have all the fun), or just hang out. Patrols might even want to meet at a pizza place nearby and have a patrol activity while eating pizza to get their strength to full tilt.

Vertical Endeavors requires that anyone, even parents who are just waiting, who come past the lobby in their building must make out a waiver to be in the building. The waiver site is below.

To summarize, each participant will need:1) Waiver from Vertical Endeavors, 2) Troop 955 Activity Form, 3) Valid BSA Medical form on file with Troop 955 4) Check for $18.00 made out to Troop 955.

Vertical Endeavors (for your GPS) is located at: 246 Windy Point Drive, Glendale Heights, IL 60139 (about 30 minutes with no traffic)

CAMP ROKOLIO, March 6, 7, 8, 2015

Camp Rokolio is filling up fast. Two-thirds of the spaces have already been reserved. HAVE YOU TURNED IN YOUR RESERVATION? Call Mrs. Johnson ASAP, then get her your money and form or you could miss out!


If the idea that you might be able to save someone’s life is repugnant to you, then read no further. If being prepared to save a life sounds like a good idea then put March 23 on your calendar for the Indian Trails First Aid Meet. A first aid meet is a competition, but above all else it is training. Through research and personal experience we know that people perform in an emergency if they have the proper training. The first aid meet gives the scoust who participate in it, training that may later make a big difference in someone’s life. Mark your calendar now!

FEBRUARY 13, 14, 15 (President’s Day Weekend) SKI & WATER PARK EXCURSION

We will journey to Wausau, Wisconsin, site of what is arguably the best ski hill in the Midwest. We will spend the day on Saturday skiing/snowboarding the many slopes of the Granite Peak Ski Area. Granite Peak can satisfy the beginning, intermediate or the advanced level snow sporter. We stay the day and take advantage of the empty slopes during the ski under the lights portion of the day. If you want to get in maximum time coming down the hill, this is the time to do it. No lines at the lifts and plenty of space on the slopes.

We will retreat to the warmth of our abode Saturday night. After a hearty Sunday breakfast we will head for the Wisconsin Dells and to MOUNT OLYMPUS to take advantage of the indoor water park and the indoor amusement park. Once everyone has properly relaxed in the warm waters (and smells clean like chlorine) we head back to Chicago with the dreams of a great weekend in everyone’s head – except the drivers, of course.

COST TBD: Cost may range up to $123.00 per person. I am still trying to reduce our lodging and meal expenses. Deposit of $75.00 per person required by January 5, 2015 to hold a spot. We must know by January 5th which is our drop dead date (figuratively speaking of course).


One of scouting’s premier events. Klondike teaches SOOO much and yet, is great fun. We already have sleds, all we need are scouts who are not afraid of a challenge and are willing to put their team skills and scout knowledge to the test – while laughing.
COST: $5.00 per scout


A new Medical Condition Update Form for Outings will now be required for each scout to be completed and turned in at departure time of each event. Please click here for the form.


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A new universal registration form will be used for most events. This form can be found by clicking the Resources/Troop Forms tab or click here.

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