Meetings take place
most Mondays
between 7:00pm-8:30pm
at Edison Park Lutheran Church

Upcoming troop meeting dates


Just spoke with Mr. Gawne. Here’s a summary of how every scout attending the Summer Adventure needs to prepare!

Gear will be inspected and envelopes collected on Tuesday, August 5 at 7:00 pm at EPLC. This will be the same as Owasippe gear check so please double check that everything on this list is packed.

Bring all medications on Tuesday, August 5, clearly labeled.

Mr. Gawne will send out more info on spending money and envelopes. There will not be many envelopes, but a few, such as Cedar Point. More to come.

On Tuesday, August 5, bring 3 baggies of cereal clearly labeled with name.

On Wednesday, August 6, bring a disposable lunch and drink that do not need refrigeration, clearly labeled with name.

Scouts will travel on Wednesday morning at 5:45 AM in the troop red polo and any pair of comfortable shorts.

Electronics which do not have any wifi capability can be brought for the car ride. They must be clearly labeled. DVD players, music devices, game boys… but nothing that can ever connect to the Internet or make a phone call.

Bring something for the car rides… book?

Please label everything including the duffel bag.

Each scout should have 1 full uniform on a hanger covered by plastic, 1 duffle (no hard luggage), 1 small back pack for car, 1 sleeping bag, 1 sleeping pad which might fit in duffle. Bring everything to the meeting on Tuesday, Aug 5.

Gear must include:
1 freshly ironed FULL scout uniform, shirt, shorts or pants, belt, neckerchief, slide, sox with shorts attached with safety pins to hanger, all in a cleaners plastic bag, with scout name on plastic bag

Scout hand book

1 sleeping bag with light blanket or sheet, camp size pillow

1 sleeping pad

1 heavy duty water bottle

2 pairs of sturdy walking shoes, 1 scout wears, 1 scout packs. Do not bring brightly colored or light up shoes. Subdued colors, please.

11 pairs of socks

1 pair of enclosed water shoes, not flip flops

1 scout hat – any kind

Several scout t-shirts. New scouts, just bring what you have. Everyone, include the Owasippe shirt from this year. Each scout should have 11 t-shirts. If you don’t have that many scout shirts, it’s ok. Do not bring shirts with beer references or odd sayings.

2 additional pairs of shorts (or more), at least 2 of which are OD green, or pants

Troop performance shirt (water shirt)

2 pairs of swim trunks

1 or 2 sweat shirts or light coat

Rain poncho – heavy duty

11 pairs of underwear

Something to sleep in

Plate, bowl, cup w/lid, knife, fork, spoon

Flashlight with extra batteries

Sunscreen – at least 25 spf

Mosquito repellant – non-aerosol

Tooth paste and tooth brush



Bath towel

Notebook and pen/pencil

Camera, if you’d like


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