Meetings take place
most Mondays
between 7:00pm-8:30pm
at Edison Park Lutheran Church

Upcoming troop meeting dates


Check out the new Summer Adventure info posted below.


All scouts going to Owasippe should prepare the following envelopes for the meeting on Monday, June 29. Small bills, please.

Spending money – $15 – $30 (family decision)
Pizza night – $3 – $5
Monster shakes – $5
Canoe trip fast food – $7 – $10
Water park spending money – $10 – $15


8:00 am departure from EPLC on Saturday, July 4. Scouts should wear Class A uniforms and have money in their pocket for a lunch stop.

This is the night that we pack the trailer for camp, check meds, make envelopes and more.

GEAR – Scouts will bring their footlocker, fishing gear, if any, and sleeping gear to EPLC for loading. The footlocker MUST have the scouts name clearly written on the outside. If it is black, put some duct tape on the outside and write on the duct tape. The sleeping bag must be enclosed in a container that is NOT plastic. Nylon or cloth bags are great. Protect the bag from moisture by putting it in a garbage bag and then sliding it in a nylon or cloth bag WITH THE SCOUTS NAME CLEARLY WRITTEN ON THE OUTSIDE. If the bag is black put a piece of duct tape on the outside and write on the duct tape. NAMES ON THE OUTSIDE ARE A MUST! All fishing gear must be in cases with names clearly written on the outside. Gear check will occur inside. Once passed, the gear will be loaded on the trailer. Gear that does not pass must be adjudicated ON THIS NIGHT. If you forgot something or need to make an adjustment, it MUST be accomplished on this night!

PERSONAL ITEMS – Selected items of personal gear will also be checked. Gear that does not meet standard must be brought to standard on this night. For example, if your son only packed two pair of underwear we will not accept the explanation, “he will just alternate and let them dry between wearings.” You will be running home to get the rest. Similarly, if he forgot to pack a towel, we will not acquiesce and allow him to “air dry” for showers and swimming. You will make a run home. (Yes, these are true stories, only the names have been omitted to protect from embarrassment. And you wonder why we have these rules!)

MEDICAL – This is the night to bring all your son’s medications for camp. They will be in original containers (its the law) and in an EASILY CLOSABLE zip loc with the scout’s name clearly written on the outside. On this night, parents will review their son’s medical form with qualified personnel.

ENVELOPES – This is also envelope night. At the meeting on June 8 you will receive information about the envelope system. I will tell you, however, that all scouts are required to use 955 supplied envelopes. 32 different sizes and styles of envelopes are a banker’s nightmare.

PACKING LISTClick here for packing list


Photo of supplies

This link takes you to an on-line photo album of the DIY mosquito netting frame for use with a standard Army style camp cot. The angled part fits next to the slope of the tent and allows the cot to be close to the wall – space is at a premium in these tents. Netting, available online or at the Scout shop just drapes over the assembled frame. Friction and gravity hold all the pole parts together.

Sources for the netting:

Frame Materials: (all 1/2 inch PVC) Parts should total less than $10 at Home Depot.
4 – caps ($0.36);
4 – 45 degree elbows ($0.67);
2 – 90 degree STREET elbows (one side male, one side female), ($0.97) ;
2 – couplings ($0.36);
2 – 10 foot pipes (4 pieces 24 inches, 2 pieces 26 inches, 2 pieces 18 inches, some left over), ($1.47)
PVC cement or any suitable glue
Personalize with paint, markers & decals – optional.

Construct 2 of each of the following – (DO NOT GLUE THE 4 PARTS TOGETHER! Only glue the small parts to the pipes. The dissembled frame must store compactly.)
Part A – 24 inches; one end with a cap, one end with a coupling;
Part B – 18 inches; one end with a street elbow;
Part C – 26 inches; one end with a 45 degree elbow;
Part D – 24 inches; one end with a cap; one end with a 45 degree elbow.

Assemble your masterpiece and label or color code both sides of each connection: A-B = 1/Blue; B-C = 2/Red; C-D = 3/Green. This will make re-assembly at camp much faster and easier for your scout.

Fold or wrap the mosquito netting around the poles to keep them from falling out in transit; Use an old camp chair bag to store/transport the poles and netting; Clearly mark everything with your scout’s name.


A hush falls over the crowd. All eyes are on the golfer. Will this be the putt that wins? A gentle tap, placing a little spin on the ball bringing it to the center of the cup and WELLA! Your MOM just won the Troop 955 Challenge! Oh my! What will she do with the knife she just won?

On Monday, July 20 at 7:00 all fun loving family members of Troop 955 are invited to enter the Troop 955 Mini Golf Challenge. The price is only $7.00 per person and golfers start at 7:00 p.m. Wear your golf knickers if you want to. We don’t care. This is also a good time to invite your non-scout friend along.

Bring a couple extra bucks to try a turn in the batting cages or grab a snack. Come on out and have fun.

Bring your money to any meeting from now through June 29. (DEADLINE ALERT)
Mountain View Adventure Center, 510 E. Algonquin Rd. Des Plaines

TROOP WATER EVENTMYSTIC WATERS, DES PLAINES – August 3, 2015, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Attention all scouts: We have 35 spots for those who want to do more in the water. Take in the water slides and fun of Mystic Waters, Rand Road and Dempster, Des Plaines Can your patrol make it down the slide faster than those other guys? Who will win the water relay? We do stuff can happen in chlorinated water too! Better than your ordinary troop meeting! Leave your class A on the hanger for the mini adventure!

Bring your $10.00 to any meeting by June 29 (DEADLINE ALERT) and cement your place in the water. Is that possible? Anyway, sign up quick so you don’t miss out.


If you are going on the summer adventure you will need to print out, read and complete the document attached. This document contains choices and those choices must be made by June 15 so that we can complete booking. Please note the word “MUST” in the previous sentence. Failure to get the document to my wife by COB on 15 June will result in my making the choice for you. If you want to control your destiny, make sure that you get us the form.

If you are a scout new to the troop and are looking seriously at the summer adventure, You must decide and get Mr. Broomhead money by June 8. We are at the reservation and payment stage and, unfortunately, we cannot wait.

The document attached gives the current schedule for the group and, yes, there have been some changes. The primary change is where we will be sleeping the first night out. The change will make our whitewater experience much easier schedule wise. We have also added a stop at the Indianapolis 500 to take a ride around the track. Parents have no fear, our speed will be less than 200 mph.

Summer Adventure Information and Contract as of June 3


A new Medical Condition Update Form for Outings will now be required for each scout to be completed and turned in at departure time of each event. Please click here for the form.


Did you miss the summer tweets? Here’s the directions on how to follow the troop on twitter. Click here


A new universal registration form will be used for most events. This form can be found by clicking the Resources/Troop Forms tab or click here.

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