Meetings take place
most Mondays
between 7:00pm-8:30pm
at Edison Park Lutheran Church

Upcoming troop meeting dates


Friday August 23rd @ 7:00PM

Full Class A uniform is required.


On Monday, August 26, 6:00 p.m. CDT we will meet at Edison Park Lutheran Church. At that meeting you will need the following items.

  • Red polo

Please wear this to this meeting. This will be our travel uniform (BSA is a ‘uniform’ organization and ‘uniform’ is one of the 8 methods of Scouting). Scout or adult, everyone wears the travel uniform for this outing, so make sure to wear yours. We will be taking individual identification pictures in that red 955 polo as another hedge against the unlikely, We will be in a foreign country and we must ‘Be Prepared’. Several of us will be carrying your mugshot just in case of whatever. If you don’t like the picture don’t get lost and we can just trash it upon return.

For the record, the red polo will also be worn during other travel venues on this trip including the return to Chicago. We will wash them on the trip. The scouts are used to this as we do so on all long trips.

  • Red 955 sweatshirt

You don’t need to wear this (it is August and all), but you need to bring it with you to this meeting. On the trip this will be part of the travel uniform.

  • Identification card

Copy of a Government issued identification card that gives your full name, address, dob, height, weight, eyes and hair. A drivers license or State issued ID card is the norm in this regard. This may necessitate getting a State ID for a scout who does not have a DL. This requirement is common, especially when youth groups travel outside the US.

  • Passport

If you have not already handed Mr. Gawne a copy of your passport, you must bring it to this meeting. We need a copy of everyone’s passport. No exceptions.

  • BSA Application with check

Please follow instructions carefully. Every non-scout person on this trip will be registering as an adult member of the Boy Scouts of America, kna Scouts BSA. This is a BSA requirement in order to complete youth protection procedures.

Every person will submit a completed adult application with ALL boxes answered. If you no longer have the hard copy we passed out you may get an application on line here.

When filling out the form on line we need, at the least, (16 page PDF-some blank) pages 3, 5, 9 and 15. Pages 3 and 5 are different in that one shows SSN and the other does not. Page 15 must be filled out and signed for the background check. You are signing up as a “committee member”, code “CM”.

Submit this with a check made out to the Pathway to Adventure Council (PTAC) for $12.00, a partial year registration. We will not be signing you up for Boy’s Life so you will need to continue to read your scout’s. It will save you a couple dollars.

  • Youth Protection Training Certificate

You must go to and take youth protection training on line. This takes about 45 minutes. It is not the easiest training to find, however. Don’t get frustrated. Try a couple combinations. The BSA training site does not win awards for user friendliness.

Once you successfully complete the training you will print out the certificate of completion (let me be the first to congratulate you). You will submit that certificate with your BSA application. We must have that certificate or your application cannot be processed and you will not be cleared to go with us.

Once you have completed all this and pass the background you will receive an official registration. After that you can take hour after hour of on line training on all kinds of topics. This could keep you busy on the flight in case you are bored. Then in-person training, in the woods training and lots of other fun stuff.

On the 26th . . .

You will be visiting multiple tables including the account table delivering various items. You will have a check off list. I thought about hand stamps, but that could get confusing. Is that a bunny or a squirrel?

Once we get through all the admin stuff we will be going over our itinerary which has really firmed up since our last meeting. Flight times, accommodations, etc. reporting time at O’Hare, luggage considerations, weight limits (luggage-not you), mandatory equipment (helmets, etc.), and similar, will all be part of the rush to get done by 7:00 p.m. (Troop meeting at 7:00)

Please arrive promptly at 6:00 and report to the stations (tables) where you will need to deposit specific items. If you have a balance due make sure to bring your checkbook. Thank you.


August 19 – Location is at Putting Edge, 4105 N. Harlem, Norridge

Its time we stepped up our mini-golf game! No more “easy” courses mini like Des Plaines. Now, the challenge of golf in the dark – no flashlights. Just you and the ball Just you and the ball. Nothing else matters! Ohmmmm! Try something new. Do it with a glow!

9.00 per scout if paid by July 22. $10.00 if paid after July 22 and before the event date. $12.00 at the door.

During golfing, Mr. Gawne will be conferring with all scouts who recently completed or obtained a partial for any merit badge.


We have arranged with the Shedd Aquarium to participate in it’s River Explorer’s program (Link Here) on Saturday, September 7th from 1 to 3 pm. Scouts who complete the program will earn 2 hours of conservation service so this will help those Scouts working on their Life rank requirements. The program consists of kayaking the Chicago River’s North Branch.

Here are the requirements to participate:

Transportation to/from this activity must be provided by the Scouts’ parents/guardians.

Registration will end once we reach 15 participants. If we don’t have 15 participants by August 17, this activity will be canceled;

Scouts should arrive at Kayak Chicago’s location at 1220 West Le Moyne Street, Chicago (near intersection of Le Moyne and Magnolia) no later than 12:30 pm on September 7, 2019.

  • 27 Sep – 29 Sep Camp Sol R. Crown

Climb mountains, rappel back down, take part in some great fishing opportunity in the Fox River, send coded messages from mountain top to mountain top, follow your compass to buried treasure, win prizes starting fires and more.
Camp Crown is one of those great places for fun.
Patrols will cook 3 meals on Saturday. Troop breakfast on Sunday
Sign up by Sept 9 – $8.00 After Sept 9 – $11.00
Plus patrol cooking expense.

  • 18 Oct – 20 Oct Starved Rock State Park

Visiting a historic Illinois location, the troop will engage in a variety of activities. The Illinois River at this location has some great fishing opportunity for bass and bluegill and also, the YUK FISH eco disaster Asian carp. (BTW, Is there an environmental issue in your community?).
Exploring the canyons and waterfalls is really cool, and is a great geological setting. Lots of places to check out, climb rocks, more
For those working on Hiking MB and/or the National 100 miler award who have finished their other hikes, a 20 mile hike through the park will be Saturday’s highlight. 20 milers will plan their route 2 weeks in advance. If you are not doing the hiking MB there are lots of other things to do.
Starved Rock is a really cool place.
Patrols will cook 3 meals on Saturday. Troop breakfast on Sunday
Sign up by Sep 30 – $12.00 After Sep 30 – $15.00

  • 1 Nov -3 NovTurkey in the Sand

Indiana Dunes State Park by Rail and Foot

By an overwhelming tidal wave of support, the PLC has decided that Troop 955 should return to the Indiana Dunes State Park and cook scrumptious (not kidding-they come out fantastic) turkeys in garbage cans. Our usual extensive feast menu of mashed potatoes, gravy, cooked (from scratch) cranberries, 955 special green bean casserole, our own – unique – broccoli cheese casserole, turkey dressing (from scratch), salad, peach cobbler dessert (Mr Rios’ favorite), appetizers and a couple more do-dads. Every scout makes a part of the offerings thereby making light work of the meal.
All meals are troop cooking meals, however, they will be developed by scouts who need cooking for advancement.

As usual, the troop will travel by train (Blue Line and South Shore) to the Dunes and return Sunday morning the same way. Scouts will send their sleeping systems in the trailer and cary the rest of their gear in their backpack on the train.

The Dunes themselves are a great time and there is a nature center that is very helpful with nature related rank advancement.
Sign Up by Oct 21 – $22.00
After Oct 21, before Oct 30 – $27.00…..Oct 30 and after- – $30.00

  • September 14th 0730 Des Plaines River Trail 15 miles
  • October TBD 0700 Starved Rock State Park 20 miles

Meet at EPLC at 0700. Drive to Starved Rock State Park (1hr, 50 min). Hike 20 miles in the park. Backpacking lunch prepared in advance by hikers. Eat a high protein breakfast before leaving home. (We will ask, you will log it)). Golden Corral Celebration Feast, Joliet, Ill after hike. Bring $12.00 usc. 40 ounce minimum water supply per hiker. 40 ounce minimum water supply per hiker. 40 ounce minimum water supply per hiker

For both hikes, 40 ounce minimum water supply per hiker. 40 ounce minimum water supply per hiker. 40 ounce minimum water supply per hiker!!! No weights required.


Please review the payment schedule for the World Adventure. Contact Mr. Wolfe if you have any questions.

  • World Adventure
  1. payments so far = $600
  2. August 30, 2019 – payment of $200 per attendee due
  3. September 30, 2019 – payment of $200 per attendee due
  4. October 15, 2019 – any remaining balance due

A Medical Condition Update Form for Outings for each scout, must be completed and turned in at departure time of each event. Please click here for the form.


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