Meetings take place
most Mondays
between 7:00pm-8:30pm
at Edison Park Lutheran Church

Upcoming troop meeting dates


The Playdium in Glenview of offering swim classes to all scouts for a nominal fee. Please find details of the program LOCATED HERE

  • Each patrol must submit their menu, recipes and/or cooking instructions and food/shopping list on August 28. Point penalty for fail to submit.
  • Each patrol must do its own shopping. All scouts. No parents. A parent may provide transport and may sit at a fixed location in the store and be available for advice. The parent may not go to the shelves and offer advice.
  • Each patrol must prepare a “one-pot” dish that incorporates at least three of the food groups and must be cooked from FRESH ingredients. No prepared foods like breaded chicken nuggets, heat and eat sausage, etc. Fresh, previously uncooked, unmodified foods. Canned goods such as canned corn, canned peaches, etc. are acceptable. If in doubt, ask Mr. Gawne. If you do not “choose wisely” you may take a point hit.
  • Each patrol must also make a “side” dish. This can be any type side dish including dessert, vegetables, fruits, appetizers, etc.
  • Each patrol must make a beverage and the beverage is subject to judging.
  • The entire patrol must be involved in the preparation process. Each patrol will prepare a patrol work schedule listing every patrol member present and his assignment. This will be displayed in plain view at the patrol’s work station so that the judges may examine the schedule as they watch patrol members working.
  • Patrol will be graded on cleanliness and sanitary working areas.
  • Each patrol must make two (2) servings more than the number of patrol members. Each judge (there are 6 judges) will get 1/3 (one-third) of a serving of everything that the patrol makes, including beverages.
  • The patrol must serve all for and beverages between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. CDT.

On September 16, 2017, at Schiller Woods, Grove #2, (Irving Park Road, west of Cumberland) the Patrols of Troop 955 will come together as teams and cook their patrol hearts out. Dishes suitable for the finest of Chicago restaurants shall pour forth from the culinary wizardry of these patrols. Deer and other creatures – some on two legs – shall be drawn to this culinary mecca for the pis’ de resistance’ of modern chewery.

At the troop meeting on Monday we reviewed the parameters of the contest and started the patrols on the road to their culinary peak. Menus, recipes and quartermaster request forms will be due in the hands of the SM, IN A SEALED ENVELOPE, on Monday, August 28, EPLC, 7:13 p.m. A PATROL MEETING WILL BE REQUIRED TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Remember that Iron Chef is different this year and not as complex as in the past. The venue is the picnic shelter at a forest preserve site that we used in January, so every patrol will need to be very diligent in making sure that they have all the equipment and supplies that they need. Call to parents for things you forgot are NOT ALLOWED! Plan carefully! Plan in advance. PPPPP! (Do you know what those 5 P’s mean?)

Go forth and create goodness! Iron Chef has been won by old scout patrols, new scout patrols and in-between patrols. Any patrol can win. The patrol with the best teamwork and planning is usually the winner. Your patrol could be that patrol!


If you are a first class scout or above (special attention to recent first class scouts or a scout who is having difficulty with his leadership position) we have a leadership opportunity for you. As you probably know, the Cub Scout year is about to begin in earnest as happens near the start of every school year. As such, we have already been receiving inquiries regarding scouts who are needed as den chiefs.

Den Chief is a very important part of Scouting. They provide the bridge and the example so that Cub Scouts want to become Boy Scouts. It is also a great place to learn about leadership. Den Chief is an official Troop Leadership Position and counts toward Star, Life and Eagle

A Den Chief helps the Den Leader with many things. Den Chiefs organize and direct meeting openings and meeting activities. They help organize and oversee the den games. They encourage Cub Scouts in advancement. They help Cub Scouts with crafts and other projects and provide leadership for den skits and songs to put on at Pack nights. In short, a den chief is the invaluable assistant to the Den Leader. The Den Chief is someone that the Cub Scouts look up to and is the person who tells the Cub Scouts about what Boy Scouts do.

If you are interested in becoming a Den Chief or in giving it a try, contact Mr. Gawne. You will need to fill out a Troop Leadership Application (available on the 955 website) and receive the Scoutmaster and SPL’s approval as for all troop leadership positions.

To help you in the Den Chief position, there is a 4 hour den chief training session on October 7 from 0830 until 1230, and the troop will register you and pay your fee for that training if you are available to attend. Training makes your job easier by giving you tools with which to do the job more easily. If you cannot attend the October 7 training and are interested in the position, you should still apply and we may try and get you to one of the other District’s Den Chief training.

Any scout, at any age, can be a Den Chief. For example, Aiden French and Pat Collyer, who recently made Eagle and are now entering college, were den chiefs for several years. Jim Reiss, who is closing in on Eagle, was Den Chief to most of our current first year scouts. Mr. Gawne, when he was a scout, was a Den Chief. Many scouts from the Troop 955 Eagle Roll served as Den Chiefs. It is a great position to learn about leadership!

The official responsibilities of a Den Chief are as follows.

  • Knows the purposes of Cub Scouting.
  • Helps Cub Scouts achieve the purposes of Cub Scouting.
  • Serves as the activities assistant at den meetings.
  • Sets a good example through attitude and uniforming.
  • Is a friend to the boys in the den.
  • Helps lead weekly den meetings.
  • Helps the den in its part of the monthly pack meeting.
  • Knows the importance of the monthly theme and pack meeting plans.
  • Meets regularly with the den leader to review den and pack meeting plans. Meets as needed with adult members of the den, pack, and troop.
  • Receives training from the den leader (and Cubmaster or Assistant Cubmaster) and attend Den Chief Training.
  • Encourages Cub Scouts to become Webelos Scouts when they are eligible.
  • Encourages Cub Scouts to join a Boy Scout troop upon graduation.
  • Helps the Denner and Assistant Denner to be leaders.
  • Enthusiastically and correctly wears the Scout uniform (all four parts).
  • Lives by the Scout Oath and Law.
  • Shows Scout spirit.


‘WE DO STUFF’ The motto of Troop 955. What that also means is that we provide opportunity. Opportunity for fun, for adventure, to develop and much more. We do this through program. This is not a happenstance. {Even though it may seem to be at times.}

For our program to succeed, we need to communicate the available opportunities to our scouts and their parents so that scouts can take advantage of all that our program offers. To do this, scouts, and their parents must know our entire program.

On Monday, September 18 we will spend the evening going over our entire program so that you can see the opportunities. Everything from the results of Iron Chef, through camping trips, skiing opportunities (Switzerland anyone?),fund raising, through crossover, Owasippe and – here it comes – The Summer Adventure of 2018

This is your opportunity to find out about it ALL and to make your plans to get the best out of scouting. Coffee, hot tea and bug juice with some other snacks will go with the information and “sweeten” an already sweet offering.


The merit badge info sheet and the application to take the merit badge are located HERE.

Scouts who want to take the merit badge must submit an application no later than October 23, 2017.

Starting October 30 at 6:00 p.m. we will offer a Communications Merit Badge opportunity. Communications is an Eagle required merit badge. This group will meet MULTIPLE TIMES. Three of these meetings will be before troop meetings like this first one. Two of the meetings will be on noon-troop meeting nights. At these two meetings (smaller groups) scouts will make their presentations. Additional meetings as necessary.

Every scout who signs up for this merit badge must have his own copy of the current Communications Merit Badge book. This book is available through Chicagoland Hobby on Northwest Highway, online at or at the Scout Shops. If you use Chicagoland Hobby, tell them you are with Troop 955 and that we are registered. We get a kickback. (This is Chicago.) It is also possible that it is available for print somewhere on the internet. Scouts must, however, have the entire book, not just a part as you will also find portions of MB books online. Scouts must also attend all the sessions and must have THEIR OWN Communications Merit Badge book at every session. During sessions they will need to the book and will not be in position to share – even with brothers.

The sign up procedure will include an advance application. This time, we will not be accepting walk-ins. Scouts will fill out the application prior to October 30 and receive an assignment to be completed before our first meeting and brought to that meeting by the scout. The application will also include dates of some of the other meetings and a spot for parental review and calendar clearance acknowledgement.

Communications MB is more of an advanced merit badge and is usually not really a good choice for scouts who are not at least 8th grade. Scouts will be giving a speech of at least 5 minutes and an additional presentation of at least two minutes to the group. These presentations cannot be read and they cannot be memorized.


In September, the Pathway to Adventure Council will be hosting a special camporee at Owasippe (Wow, does this sound familiar?) All kinds of activities including shooting sports and the climbing tower will be available. We have spots for only 20 scouts. The first 20 who apply will be the lucky ones. The rest will miss out. There is no fee for this event, so our primary expense will be food.

The event is scheduled for September 22, 23 and 24, 2017.

FOR PARENTS ONLY: Departure will be Friday night at about 6:00 p.m. and return will be Sunday afternoon. Homework may be sent with scouts so that they don’t get bored on the way back on Sunday. We will have “quiet cars” specifically for this purpose. The teacher/driver will be authorized to enforce discipline like an old-fashioned Nun! Of course, they may need to nap for the first hour, but then – - – ‘along came geography’. No problem.

Owasippe is a great place at any time and will be so in September. Sign up now with an activity form and $15.00 for food. Please bring form and payment to the August 7th troop meeting.


The PLC has determined that we should go to one of the very best capture the flag camping areas October 13, 14 & 15. As such, we will be camping at Cary Camp near LaFayette, Indiana. Cary Camp has a ravine and other areas that are very well suited to capture the flag. This place is a capture the flag favorite.

Ever been up close with a Wolf? The Wolf Park Howl happens Saturday Night. If the group decides it wants to “howl” with the wolves (yes, you get to howl, too), then we will stop at the Wolf Park Saturday night. We can do daylight CtF and nighttime CtF with glow sticks.

Patrol cooking for this event will give more scouts the opportunity to further their outdoor cooking skills for both rank advancement and Cooking Merit Badge. Sunday morning is troop boil in the bag omelette breakfast, so patrols may not use boil in the bag omelettes for Saturday breakfast. Saturday lunch must be a cooked lunch just as dinner and breakfast. Menus, food lists, equipment lists and recipes are due to the SM on October 2. (Patrol leaders! Are you taking note of these deadlines and planning patrol meetings accordingly?)

Parents, has your scout filled you in on patrol meeting dates so that you put your patrol’s meetings on your calendar? After Monday, he should know those dates. If not, your scout should be on the phone talking {that is where a human creates noises from his mouth commonly revered to as “words” that are transferred electronically to another electronic device and decoded through the ear by the brain of the scout on the other end. This exercise does not involve typing except for the 10 digit number that starts the process.} with his patrol leader. That typing stuff just leads to excuses like, “I left him a message” or “I sent him a text”.


The PLC has determined that Troop 955 shall return to the Indiana Dunes for the first weekend in November, the 3rd, 4th and 5th. The Dunes is a spectacular place and a scout favorite. It is also a place that scouts get many requirements signed off. If you leave without your 10 animals and 10 plants, you are not paying attention. Learn directions without a compass, check out our trash output, and have many other rank and MB opportunities including backpacking cooking and much more. Outings are where advancement goes into overdrive and this one is a PIP!

We will do a couple garbage can turkeys on Saturday night and add in some mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, dressing aka stuffing, green bean casserole, broccoli-cheese casserole, sweet cooked cranberries, turkey gravy and cobblers (plural) – maybe even with whip cream.

The PLC has decided that we will not be inviting parents as we did for a number of years. Scouts and leaders will be the beneficiaries of this incredible feast.

Our M.O. (modus operandi) will be the same as previous Dune trips. Sleeping bags and pillows will be brought to the Troop meeting on Monday, October 30. They will be checked and loaded on the trailer. They must be in duffle or similar containers (NO GARBAGE BAGS PLEASE) and the name of the owner (as opposed to Mr. Coleman or Mr. North Face) must be prominently displayed. ALL other personal gear will be carried by the scout in his backpack, on Friday and Sunday.

We depart from the Harlem Blue line station and proceed to the loop. There, we walk over to the South Shore, Millennium Station (pocket money for dinner will be needed) for dinner in the food court. (Think Burger King, Subway, etc.) Then – on the South Shore – to the Dunes. From the Dunes station the troop hikes the hiking trail into the park.

Saturday morning breakfast is a troop organized event with individual scouts signing up to prepare various Dutch oven breakfast delights. (Think rank advancement here) Lunch will be a backpacking lunch so that you can eat while exploring the natural wonderment of the Dunes. This also provides a rank advancement opportunity and is a great way to make lunch into an explorer’s adventure.

Saturday night is the turkey dinner extraordinaire! Sunday morning, a quick breakfast and then onto the 9:26 A.M. train and then the blue line. Simple, right!

The cost of this event, including train tickets and all the food at the Dunes, is $30.00 IF (note that this was a big if) you register AND pay before THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19. Registration and/or payment after October 19; add $10.00 as you will have missed the deadline for the group train ticket discounts and will be paying full fare for each ride. Final deadline after which we cannot accept additional participants, is on Halloween, October 31.


A new Medical Condition Update Form for Outings will now be required for each scout to be completed and turned in at departure time of each event. Please click here for the form.


Did you miss the summer tweets? Here’s the directions on how to follow the troop on twitter. Click here


The universal registration form can be found by clicking the Resources/Troop Forms tab or click here.

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