Meetings take place
most Mondays
between 7:00pm-8:30pm
at Edison Park Lutheran Church

Upcoming troop meeting dates


Re-registration is an annual event and will be held on Monday, November 30 at 7:00 p.m. in place of the regular meeting. This will be a parent only meeting and is necessary in order for your scout to continue as part of the organization.

This meeting is much more than a business meeting or a gathering to fill out forms. It is an essential part of our program. Refreshments are provided.


On the evening of December 4 the scouts of Troop 955 will get “locked up”! Unlike most “prisoners” their entire “sentence” will be dedicated to having fun. We will be ‘locked’ inside EPLC starting Friday evening at 8:00 p.m. Once ‘on the inside’ the cons scouts will play both physical and board games (board game tourney as well); watch movies; have healthy snacks, beverages and food with no calories or fat (OK, that is a gross exaggeration!) and sleeeep for what seems like a few minutes to us old guys.

Waking up on Saturday morning we will do breakfast and then hit the train for a ride downtown. First stop will be ‘Skydeck Chicago’ where scouts will stand in mid air over 1300 feet above the pavement. If they survive, we will move on to other parts of our fair city.

Next, divided into teams, they become scavengers and scavenge about the Magnificent Mile for facts, figures and information about their city that will show the level of investigative brilliance of each team. Then, a stop at the Civic Center Plaza (aka Daley Plaza) for a self guided tour of the Holiday Bazaar. Lastly, back on the Iron Horse to giddieup back to Edison Park, return to EPLC and get picked up with our gear.

Scouts should come on Friday in class B with their full class A on a hanger. Saturday morning they will put on their class A, brush their teeth, stow their gear and head for the train after we clean up our mess. Toothbrushes and toothpaste are mandatory. We want to remove all hot chocolate, jalapeno, onion dip, pizza and associated festering aromas from their breath. A scout is clean!

Moms, Dads, Scouts: while I know that displaying the current fashion outer garment is a necessity for some scouts – lest they be uncool, it is my experience these last few years that our fashion slaves get COLD really fast and end up spending their time in downtown Chicago in the food court because their fashion sense has triumphed over their common sense. As a result, when scouts come on Friday night, they will check in and they will display their outer garments for Saturday. Those who have fashion sense and lack common sense will be sent back to their residence to get what common sense told them to bring in the first place. Make sense? Proper outer garments for Saturday are a condition of entry Friday night and Mr. Gawne makes the decision! Don’t be dense, use common sense.

The cost of this event is $30.00 (Skydeck is expensive) and the deadline (this time we need to apply for Metra tickets 21 days early) will be Monday, November 9. Scouts will need money for lunch on the mag mile.


Click here for the Wreath, Tree, Poinsettia Order Form

It’s time for Wreaths, Trees and Poinsettias! Again the boy scouts are selling Christmas wreaths and trees fresh from Wisconsin, as well as poinsettias from Kennicott Brothers Greenhouses. Funds raised will support leadership training and camping activities for the scouts. The trees are 6-7 foot Fraser firs and the wreaths come with pine cones and a bow. We can also get 8 foot trees and deliver (please specify on the order form for delivery or special tree size). Scouts will earn credits based on the amount they sell. Make sure to put your scout’s name at the bottom of the form, if applicable. We accept cash, checks or COD.

We will be distributing flyers in the neighborhood during the scout meeting on Monday, October 19, 2015. We will need some parents to help with driving. Make sure scouts dress for the weather.

We will be at EPLC for church services Sunday October 25 and November 1, to collect order forms between 8:30 and 10:30 am. A few scouts are needed on both of these days to help. Email Mary Hoffman (Joe B’s mom) to the email below if your scout can make it.

You may email orders or questions for Mary to:

Orders are due Monday November 2, 2015 at the troop meeting. You can email, call or mail your orders. Pick up will be Sunday November 29 from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm at EPLC. All scouts and a parent are requested to volunteer for a shift. Sign up will be sent a couple of weeks beforehand.

Mary will also accept orders by phone or mail. Mary’s home phone number is: 773-763-0586 (evenings). You may also give or place your order with Scoutmaster Ray Gawne or Tony Broomhead. Thanks for the Support and Merry Christmas!


A new Medical Condition Update Form for Outings will now be required for each scout to be completed and turned in at departure time of each event. Please click here for the form.


Did you miss the summer tweets? Here’s the directions on how to follow the troop on twitter. Click here


The universal registration form can be found by clicking the Resources/Troop Forms tab or click here.

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