Meetings take place
most Mondays
between 7:00pm-8:30pm
at Edison Park Lutheran Church

Upcoming troop meeting dates


Summer camp early bird fees need to be paid in full by May 16th. The the early bird fees are $290 per Scout. After May 16th the fees will increase by $40.

ATTENTION – Please bring your completed form and payment to the May 9th Troop meeting. Payments received after May 9th will miss the early bird rate.

The 2016 registration form can be found here.


Troop 955 is blessed to have as our sponsor the wonderful people of the Edison Park Lutheran Church. I have been in this game for over 22 years and I talk with leaders from all over. We are lucky to have the support that we have.

As a simple way of showing our thanks for all that the congregation does for us, we will be doing a special cleaning day at EPLC on Saturday morning, May 14, starting at 9:00 a.m.

Because our size has increased dramatically and because all families will be participating, we will be doing several chores at the same time.

  • Group 1 will wash all the EPLC dishes, pots, cabinets, and clean the stove and ovens, etc.

  • Group 2 will be cleaning the folding chairs, cleaning the upholstery of the chairs and sofas in the north hall and more.

  • Group 3 will be going over to the Haak warehouse to organize and inventory the equipment that Mr. Haak very generously allows us to store.

  • Group 4 will be dissecting the contents of the troop trailer and miscellaneous equipment from the Gawne family garage and play structure.

This is a full company turn out event. We expect to see every scout and at least one parent of every scout at this event. We will start at 0900 hrs (also known as 9:00 a.m.) in the south hall. Please park in the west lot, thereby allowing us the use of the south lot for the trailer task. The coffee pot will be all fired up (for those over 18yoa) and it won’t be decaf. It will be the hard stuff. If you think that 0900 is early for a Saturday, you have not been camping with us. Camping Saturday’s – after a short Friday night – start very early.

Wear service clothing. Bring your sense of humor. Donuts will be served with that coffee even though this is not a law enforcement event. Our past cleanup events have generally run 2 to 3 hours. Afterward, you can go someplace special for lunch and provide yourself a treat for your good work.

The Troop 955 Bar B Q, Family Night and Spring Awards Ceremony

The Troop 955 Bar B Q, Family Night and Spring Awards Ceremony will be held on Monday, May 9 at 6:00PM in the South Hall of Edison Park Lutheran Church. This is not just for those getting awards. Everyone should come.

Reservations and pre-payment are required for all attendees. The cost is $2.00 per person* over the age of two (2) AND a dish suitable for serving 13 hungry scouts as prescribed below.

  • If the last name of your scout begins with the letters A through L, you will bring a dessert.

  • If the last name of your scout begins with the letters M through Y, you will bring a fruit or vegetable dish.

  • If the last name of your scout begins with the letter Z, you can just come and eat other peoples’ food – after paying $7.00 per person because you got out of cooking! (Thought you beat us, huh?)

Hor Dourves, provided by the Scoutmaster, will be served at 6:20 p.m.. Dinner service will start after flags and grace, at 6:45 p.m. Nector of insects, coffee and Lake Michigan standard will be served. (The pop machine is also available. The Church appreciates your business.) Those without paid reservations or food to share as prescribed will be served at 7:56 p.m.

Scout manners and decorum will be the order of the day. No seconds until called – even adults!. No returning to the line because you couldn’t fit seven more things on your plate, “I missed something”, or you are too ill mannered to wait. (Remember, I am 16 years in this job! ‘I could write a book!’) Tables are bussed and completely cleared by those at the table. Parents and other adults DO NOT pick up after scouts! (We have a man with a super soaker well hidden in the ceiling. YOU could get blasted for this and it will be YOUR fault! We will just laugh and say things like, “we told you so!” Bring your own towel! No mercy and no paper towels!) Parents and other adults DO NOT pick up after scouts! If your explanation starts with, “I just” or “but, I” you will get blasted twice.

At the end of the night – EVERYBODY who didn’t come at 6:00 and set up – helps put away tables and chairs, sweep up, clean the kitchen, etc. Ray wants to be home before midnight! ‘Do not abandon your wingmanscoutmaster!’

To make a reservation, print out the reservation for here. Please fill it out and bring it with your money (cash only, no credits please) on or before Monday, May 2, 2016. Price doubles May 5 because that is shopping day.

P.S. print a second copy for information purposes or take good notes.

We need two more bar b q grills (charcoal). Can you help? Call Ray if you have one, please.

NOT Mother’s Day Camping

Legend has it that a group of Illini or Illiniwek Indians were pursued by Potowatimi and Ottawa Indians to a butte overlooking what is now the Illinois River. These Illini were besieged by the aggressors and eventually starved on the butte. The history present in Starved Rock State Park is amazing.

The men of Troop 955 have decided that they want to return to this area and explore this historic site as well as its canyons, waterfalls and forest. The visitor’s center is really cool and very informative.

  • If we have enough interest, there is a horseback riding stables 15 minutes away. $30.00 per person for one hour. (Yes, Owasippe’s Diamond O Ranch is MUCH cheaper!)

  • Need to catch a fish for a merit badge or just for fun? Perhaps you can get an Asian Carp from the river and do us all a favor. They are abundant in this part of the Illinois River and threaten other species. What is your favorite bait? One magazine recommends Crappie style lures and flies. Worms probably work well also. These fish have voracious appetites. Somewhat like Boy Scouts in the field. Bring your fishing gear with you. We will take your picture with you and your fish for the merit badge. Remember that your fishing gear MUST be in hard cases or it stays in Chicago.

  • Need a five-mile hike to advance. We have got you covered. This is a REALLY cool place to do a five-mile hike. Hiking in canyons is so cool that the five miles goes by lickety split. “A walk in the park!”

  • Want to tell directions without a compass? We have you set.

  • Need to use wood tools to set up a fire? Bingo!

  • Only 11 miles from Starved Rock is the Ottawa Scouting Museum. (You may remember that the Ottawa Indians were part of the group that besieged the Illini on Starved Rock.) A trip to this nice little museum will be part of our day’s offerings.

We depart from EPLC Friday evening May 6 and camp in the group area in the park. Each patrol will need to do a full day’s menus with a breakfast, lunch and dinner and submit equipment requests to the troop quartermaster with copies to the SPL and SM. The tents will come down Saturday afternoon, May 7. We will have a campfire before we leave. At that campfire each patrol (Note to patrol leaders!) will perform a skit for our entertainment. Upon completion of the campfire, we will head back to EPLC where we will arrive BEFORE Mother’s Day, thereby insuring the safety and well being of the scoutmaster. All scouts will need to do their Mother’s day cards and gifts before departure on Friday.

The cost for this outing is $12.00** per person plus the cost of the patrol’s food (which, of course, is split evenly between the patrol members.)

We will need adult leaders to make this happen. Please let Mrs. Johns know of your availability. Leaders will eat very well and we guarantee laughter!

If you want to try horseback riding, write “Horse Ride” in big letters on the top of your universal form and include a $30 payment as a separate payment in a separate envelope with the scouts name on it attached to the form. Place the completed waiver of liability in this envelope as well. In this manner, if we don’t get enough interest and end up not doing the ride, it is a simple matter to return your money. Please, DO NOT try and hand us one check for everything and ‘unenveloped’ forms unless, of course, you want to make a $30.00 donation to the troop. We thank you!

  • Signup by April 25 for the $12.00 cost. After April 25, the price is $17.00. Sign up early as we are limited by the park to 40 campers.

Late sign up could be a moot point and cause you to stay home anyway. Sing “The Gambler” song at this point – you didn’t know when to hold em or when to fold em.


One of the methods of Scouting is leadership. Leadership is a learned skill, not something that you are born with. The Scouting program has a method of leadership and that is centered on the Troop Leadership Positions that scouts serve in while working toward Star, Life and Eagle.

To further leadership development within the troop we will be engaging in a new program of leadership review twice a year. This is a meeting between the scout who holds a leadership position and the scoutmaster or a designated Assistant Scoutmaster. During this conference we will review the scouts last six months as a leader and examine what he has accomplished during that time. We will also set goals for the scout to work toward during the next six months in his leadership position.

This process will utilize a leadership development form. The form will guide the scout in recognizing what he has accomplished in the last six months, and in setting goals for what he will be accomplishing during the next six months. The form will be posted on the Troop website.

Leadership reviews will begin on Monday, March 7. All scouts who currently hold a Troop Leadership Position must fill out the form and participate in a review.

The leadership self evaluation form is located here.


The 13th edition of the Boy Scout Handbook is now in service. Old editions are now defunct and no longer applicable. Many changes in rank requirements (which went into effect 1 Jan 16) are included in this edition as are many procedures and instructions, particularly in the first aid section. The book also has many upgrades for scout record keeping, etc.

Scouts are now required to complete scout skills in the manner prescribed in the 13th edition and NOT in the manner prescribed in the 12th edition. A scout who attempts to do CPR, for example, as described in the 12th edition, will be doing it incorrectly.

There are a lot of updates in the new book. This book is for sale at all scout shops, on line at or at Chicagoland Hobby, 6017 N. Northwest Highway. It comes in spiral binding or ‘perfect’ binding.


If you are in a Troop Leadership Position and learning about how to be a leader (Leaders are NOT born as leaders, leadership is a learned skill) you may want to consider National Youth Leadership Training.

This course is based upon the leadership techniques developed by Robert Blanchard who is the author of multiple best sellers on management and leadership. The NYLT syllabus is basically the same as that used by the Wharton School of Business Leadership Course and many others. The scouts will receive outstanding leadership training. I was course director for 4 years and I did it because the change in the scouts over six days was amazing.

To be eligible a scout must:

Have completed Troop Leadership Training. (This is the training that we did a couple months back that was mandatory for all scouts in a leadership position.)
The scout must be 13 years of age at the time that the course starts.
The scout must have achieved the rank of First Class.
The scout must have the Scoutmaster’s approval.

Courses will be held at
Camp Sol R. Crown, Wilmot, WI, July 10-15
Camp Big Timber, Elgin, IL, June 12-17
Camp Frank Betz, Berrian Springs, MI, June 18-23

If you are interested talk with Mr. Gawne. Troop 955 does offer partial scholarships to this course. Next year and for the years after 2017, the course will be offered at Owasippe.


A new Medical Condition Update Form for Outings will now be required for each scout to be completed and turned in at departure time of each event. Please click here for the form.


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The universal registration form can be found by clicking the Resources/Troop Forms tab or click here.

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