Meetings take place
most Mondays
between 7:00pm-8:30pm
at Edison Park Lutheran Church

Upcoming troop meeting dates

Owasippe Sign Up and Deposit

It’s coming! Owasippe sign up and deposit are due February 22nd. Please mark your calendars and stay tuned for more information.


The months of January, February and March will feature ‘PUBLIC SERVICE’ as the troop meeting, program feature. A portion of our program during these months will offer scouts the opportunity to complete PARTIAL merit badge requirements at the meetings. Scouts will have the opportunity to complete a significant portion of the requirements for Fingerprinting, Fire Safety and Crime Prevention as part of the troop meeting program. They will then have the opportunity to COMPLETE these merit badges by meeting individually or in groups of two with a counselor.

These merit badges will also REQUIRE homework with reading – yes, he said homework with reading. If the scout does not do their assigned reading and homework they will not be successful.

Additionally, there will be a first aid segment to the January, February, March meetings that will prepare scouts for first aid requirements of tenderfoot, 2nd class and 1st class as well as preparing them for the first aid merit badge. Even for those who are already first class and have the first aid merit badge, refreshers are a really, really good thing.

A portion of this work will be given as an assignment to be completed at patrol meetings too. (Of course the patrol scribe will complete minutes of this meeting and submit them as noted and the patrol leader will have planned the meeting as outlined in the Patrol Leader’s Handbook. Ahh, the opportunity!)

Once scouts have completed the troop meeting program portion in regards to the merit badge offerings, they will have an opportunity to set up appointments with merit badge counselors to complete work on the merit badges.

Remember, when calling for any such appointment {any merit badge appointment, scoutmaster conference, etc.}, DO NOT start by first telling the counselor what day and time you want to meet or, worse yet, leave a message to that effect. That person is taking their time to do YOU a favor. Good manners require that you fit your schedule into their schedule, not the other way around. Ask the counselor when they would be free and then agree on a date and time that fits into that person’s schedule and yours. If you need to leave a message, leave a message that tells the adult who will be helping you that you would like to set up an appointment, but DON’T be so presumptuous as to leave a message telling them when YOU want to meet. Miss Manners would positively cringe. A scout is courteous…

To successfully complete these merit badges will require commitment on the part of the scout. That commitment, however, will be rewarded with three merit badges and some first aid knowledge that will enable him to take care of family and friends when needed and, perhaps, save a life should the need arise. It will also require the merit badge books.

Each merit badge will be utilizing the merit badge books. The homework will rely on what is in the book as well. There are also some expenses involved with these doing merit badges. Rather than have 45 parents trekking to the Scout shop to buy merit badge books, we will include the merit badge book costs in our fee. The fee is payable on January 4th or 11th and is $20.00 per scout. ($15.00 of this is merit badge books.) Multi-scout families may save $15.00 for scouts #2, #3, etc. unless each scout wants his own book wherein the regular price will apply. Only same family scouts will share a book. Please see Mr. Gawne for payment of the merit badge books.

LAST CHANCE for payment for merit badge books – Monday January 18th

PARENT OPPORTUNITY: Fun loving parents with a sense of humor: Did you ever want to be that smart mouthed bad guy/girl from one of those detective movies? Now is your chance. As part of Fingerprinting Merit Badge we have available opportunities for 12-15 prospective bad guys/girls. To be a possible offender will require that you do a little homework so you know the background story and your character’s part in the story, you assume a character (you can practice your best Bonnie or Clyde impression with a mirror before the event.) and you agree to be interrogated and fingerprinted by scout detectives on the appointed night. This will be a one-night appearance with a 10 minute briefing (and fingerprinting with the non-messy print pads) the week before the event.

Those who have done it in the past have had a really good time with the kids. The event should happen at the end of February, beginning of March. Oh yeah. You will need to practice furtive glances, wrinkled eyebrows and other suspicious and nervous type behaviors! After all, you WANT to look suspicious!

If you can help, please let Mr. Gawne know by stopping by the meeting on January 4th. You will need two nicknames; one good, one bad. For example, you could be Tommy Gun Tony and Dudley Dorite (spelled differently to avoid copyright problems) or Bad to the Bone Bonnie and Sweet Sal; whatever! Use your imagination. We will be helping you diversify as an actor by having you play not one but two different characters! Free coffee and snack to those who help us. Since the snack is payment it has no calories or fat. Even though you will receive such payment, you do not need to report this to the IRS.

PANCAKE BREAKFAST – Ticket Money Due February 1st

The pancake breakfast is right around the corner: Sunday, February 7th.

Tickets for the event will be distributed at our upcoming troop meetings. We need each and every family to sell some tickets and bring people in for this terrific event. Our price is very reasonable. Our service is superb. Our raffle is one of the best. We guarantee the pancakes to be sort of round and the sausages to be mostly cylindrical. Our food is good, and there is plenty of it. There are lots of people to talk with and have a good time. It is not just charity, it tastes good and it is social. PLUS, you can win cool prizes and save a lot of money on Valentine gifts! Tell your friends, relatives and neighbors what a nice time it is.

Please turn in ticket monies to Mrs Trotman at the February 1st troop meeting.

TROOP SKI OUTING (not the same as the Family Ski Outing)

The troop ski outing will be held on Saturday, February 20th and return on Sunday, February 21st. The place – per the PLC – will be Granite Peak, Wausau, WI.

We will depart from EPLC on Saturday morning at 6:30 a.m. and drive to Granite Peak. The actual Goggle Maps driving time to Granite Peak is 4 hrs., 8 min. A brief stop will be made in Janesville, WI and at the Church where we will be hold up on Saturday night. In this way we can drop off our sleeping gear and other non-skiing equipment and skiers can change into ski wear. (Riding is ski clothes for long distances is not that great.)

Participants will need to eat breakfast before they report to EPLC on Saturday morning. A hot lunch picnic, fit for a King or at least a Duke, will be served in the Granite Peak parking lot. Dinner will be a buffet served indoors at a licensed restaurant facility TBD. Night skiing is permitted until 10:00 p.m. We will spend the night, Saturday, in a Church and head back to Chicago after breakfast Sunday morning.

The cost for this outing is ___(check out the table below)____ and the DEADLINE for sign up is Feb 1st. We must have at least 20 skiers signed up or we cannot get the group discount, making the trip cost quite prohibitive. If we do not have 20 skiers signed up by Jan 25th at the end of the troop meeting, Granite Peak will be cancelled and an alternate outing will be planned. All monies paid for Granite Peak would then be refunded. We will have an adult leader collecting sign ups and money at the Jan 25th troop meeting.

The pricing is as below.

Age Group – 13 & over
Lift Ticket – $50 Rental – $30 Helmet – $10 Food & Lodging – $15 Totals $65(1) – $105(2)

Age Group – 12 and under
Lift Ticket – $32 Rental – $22 Helmet – $10 Food & Lodging – $15 Totals $47(1) – $79(2)

(1) Participant has helmet and skis or snowboard
(2) Participant needs to rent everything

All participants (regardless of age) must wear a helmet per BSA

The sign up deadline for this event has been extended to Feb 1st. See Mrs. Johns


For centuries, people the world over have respected knights. This year, on March 4th, 5th, 6th, 2016, the men of Troop 955 journey to the castle at Camp Rokolio and take their place as (watch out here comes the corny, aw shucks part) ‘knights of the snow’. Led by Sir Joe, the knights of Troop 955 will have an opportunity to do battle outdoors in the land of the flying spherical snow objects and indoors in the kingdom of the board game.

Sign up deadline is February 4th. Please turn in payment and paper work to Mrs Johns.


Remember, that in the next couple months some special things will be happening at our troop meetings. One of those things is the special offer of VERY special snacks for the patrols who meet the snack standard for that week.


For every week of this offering the first requirement of the standard is:
(1) have your patrol flag at the troop meeting standing tall with your patrol when you line up as a patrol for opening and closing, and
(2) have had a patrol MEETING within the last 30 days. For the January 4 troop meeting, that will mean that you have had a patrol meeting since December 4, 2015.

Note: Remember that no patrol meeting will be recognized as a patrol meeting {as I have noted for many years} unless the patrol scribe or a designate (if he was unable to attend) completes written patrol minutes {use your own or use the one available on our website} and submits copies to the Troop Scribe, SPL and Scoutmaster.

Starting February 1, the requirements become more stringent and we will want the patrol flag and scribe’s minutes for the patrol meeting AND (to qualify)

(3) the patrol leader’s planning agenda for the meeting as described in the Patrol Leader’s Handbook. (A copy to the three people listed above, and the original in the patrol binder) This will be for any patrol meeting after January 1, 2016. Also on February 1 and thereafter, to be eligible for these spectacular taste treat sensations,

(4) every member of the patrol must have, permanently affixed to his shirt, the current patrol patch. This must be in the prescribed position on the sleeve of the uniform shirt. (Right sleeve, bottom edge of the patrol patch at the 4-inchs down from the shoulder top seam.)

Each week we will announce what the snack will be for the following week. We will also announce additional requirements above and beyond the four listed above, that may be placed upon a patrol for the next week. These additional requirements will begin after week number one. The first week of the additional requirements will, therefore, be Jan 11.

These additional requirements will be administered by the SPL staff, and will change every week. Perhaps each patrol member must tie a square knot or a bowline for the following week or, perhaps, treat a sprained ankle. You just never know what those SPL guys could come up with. The additional requirement will be announced at the end of every meeting during staff messages. You will get an entire week to prepare and {hint, hint} the requirement will be a troop or scout skill!


Our first week’s snack consists of a pancake/ice cream rollup, drizzled with warm hot fudge. The warm, soft, thin pancake causes the vanilla ice cream to partially melt into the pancake. The heated hot fudge drizzled over the pancake is absorbed into the pancake also, bringing together three terrific flavors and textures along with the hot/cold combo. All of this for a flavor KNOCK OUT that our eaters will LOVE!

{SECRET NOTE: I found this recipe for Cinnamon Roll waffles and ice cream that you make into an ice cream sandwich. It looks amazing. I can already smell it! Oh so good! Could this be the week two dessert?}

As stated at the party on Dec 14; the adult leaders and the SPL staff will sample this taste treat sensation regardless of how many patrols may qualify. We will let you know if it tastes any good. By the way, if your patrol qualifies for snack on Jan 4 and you bring your troop 955 gift from the troop Santa visit, we will fill it with root beer just as a little bonus. ‘Bon Apatite’!


A new Medical Condition Update Form for Outings will now be required for each scout to be completed and turned in at departure time of each event. Please click here for the form.


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