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between 7:00pm-8:30pm
at Edison Park Lutheran Church

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The big ride sign up form can be found here!!!!


RIDE LOGS – We have one more 25- mile ride before we get into the prep rides. Scouts who need to turn in ride logs for 10-mile, 15-mile or 25-mile rides must submit those no later than Sept 25. September 25 is the last time that a participant can complete a 10, 15 or 25-mile qualifier and ALL qualifying rides except the prep ride must be completed AND LOGS SUBMITTED by the end of the day on the 25th. Logs can be folded in half and placed in Mr. Gawne’s home mailbox or handed to Mr. Gawne on the 25th. If, at the end of the day on the 25th, I do not have logs for 2-10’s, 2-15s & 1-25 mile rides for each rider, that rider will not be able to qualify for the 100 mile weekend. Make sure that I have your logs. Getting them filled out and turned in is your responsibility.

PREP RIDES Scouts and adults doing the prep rides need to REGISTER. You can do so by sending an email to Title this e-mail, “PREP RIDE CHOICE”. Nothing else! Title this e-mail “PREP RIDE CHOICE” only. I will not look at others and you will not get the reduced fare cost for this ride. This e-mail MUST be received by me by 22 September 2016 or you will have to pay full fare on the train. If you register, bring $4.00 for the train ticket. If you don’t register, bring $8.00 for the train ticket and you will get a few cents back. In the email include the following information and only the following information.

  • Full Name of Rider (Every rider)
  • Date/s that the person/s will be doing the prep ride (25 Sept, 1 Oct or both)
  • Age of the rider. (persons over 21 who are age sensitive may use the “21+” age declaration.)
  • Acknowledgement that you understand that the riders (as explained at the picnic and elsewhere) will have proper backpacks (not the string type) with the required items in the backpack (first aid kit, layers, raingear, flashlight, 32 ounces of water or water substitute, etc.).

Registration for the 100-mile ride must also be submitted by Sept 25 WITH THE FEE. Please place the registration in an envelope with Mr. Gawne’s name on the outside and place it in our mailbox at the house – or you could mail it so that it arrives by 25 Sept. It is your responsibility to get it into Mr. Gawne’s hands by 25 Sept. Postmarks are irrelevant. The alternative with certainty is to bring it to prep ride #1 and hand it to Mr. Gawne. If I don’t have your registration AND FEE by Sept 25, we won’t have transport for you, nor meals, nor will trail fees have been paid. You will not have a shirt. You will not have a spot at the secret stop on the way back. THIS IS A REAL DEADLINE FOLKS! Also, the folks who have given me registration forms without the fee will have to try again. You will need to register properly and include payment. I will not take action on any registration form that does not include payment. We cannot front this money for participants. THIS IS A REAL DEADLINE FOLKSPLEASE, PLEASE, MAKE THIS HAPPEN CORRECTLY!

  • Sept 22 – Register for Prep Rides or pay more money.
  • Sept 25 – All ride logs for all the rides you have completed must be in Mr. Gawne’s hands.
  • Sept 25 – Registration AND FEE for hundred-mile weekend.

MORE . . .

Being that a Scout is courteous, kind, friendly and helps other people at all times; call your friends who are riding and remind them to do the above. ALL bikes will be brought to the troop meeting of Oct 3 and loaded on the trailer. No exceptions. If you can’t attend on 3 Oct, set up with someone else to bring it. All bikes will receive a final mechanical check before loading. Make sure the derailleur system works, the chain is lubricated, the brakes work flawlessly, tires are in great shape, and the tire pressure is as required.

Lunch on Saturday, Oct 8 will be provided. It will be issued on Saturday in the A.M. and carried in the backpack of each rider. This lunch will have multiple elements and will be assembled by parents of riders who are not otherwise riding with us or acting as logistical support. All such parents will report to EPLC AT 5:30 ON Friday, Oct 7; 90 minutes before departure. At the troop meeting of 26 Sept all riders will complete their menu selections.

  • Sat, Sept 17, 9:00 a.m. – 25 miles, Meet at Desplaines River Trail, North of Devon, West of Dee Road. We will ride north to Dundee Road, turn west, use the McDonald’s Taco Bell or KFC bathroom, eat some fast food, then head back to the starting point.
  • Sun, Sept 25, 8:20 a.m. – Prep Ride #1, Meet the bike trailer at Edgebrook Metra Station between 8:20 and 08:30 with your bicycle completely ready to go AND 32 ounce of water that you are NOT taking on the train. Load the bike & water in the trailer. The 32 ounces goes with the bike, not with the scout on the train. We want them to have 32 ounces on the trail! Trailer departs before train arrives! Enter train at Edgebrook. Depart train at Grayslake. Bike trail and street routes back to EPLC.
  • Sat, Oct 1, 8:00 a.m. – Prep Ride #2, Meet bike trailer in the parking lot of Edison Park Lutheran Church at 8:00 a.m./0800 hrs. Load the bike and 32 ounces of water. Trailer then departs for Rail Destination. The 32 ounces of water goes on the trailer with the bike, not with the scout on the train. We want them to have 32 ounces on the trail! YOU ARE NOT DONE YET! NOW, PROCEED TO Main Street Metra Station, Evanston. Arrive at 8:40 a.m. Riders take train to Fort Sheridan then cycle via trails and streets back to EPLC.
  • Each scout must complete a ride log AND TURN IT IN TO MR. GAWNE to get credit for his 2-10 mile rides, 2-15 mile rides, 1-25 mile ride, the MANDATORY prep ride and – ultimately for day one of the BIG ride. One log for each ride. (A separate log for each ride.) At the Conclusion of day 2 of the BIG ride each scout will submit his application for the 100 miler award and the 200 miler awards.
  • Backpack or saddlebags. Saddlebags must be large enough to carry all items in the list. Backpack will NOT be of the the string variety and will have wide shoulder straps.
  • Closed toes shoes are required for the two big prep rides and the 100 miler
  • Personal First Aid kit – The scout handbook describes what is needed for this
  • Water totaling at least 32 ounces
  • Rain gear suitable for cycling
  • Layers – several layers of clothes are mandatory
  • Headlamp or flashlight that works

A little ditty concerning what to bring on the BIG ride can be found here.

A lot of the advice that is contained in this document also works for the other rides, especially as they get longer and the weather changes. The rules in the attachment will be specifically enforced for the big ride but it is worthwhile reading now.


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Ray Gawne says “When I was a Boy Scout my Scout Master said it was just a big summer camp and I did not go. I went as an adult on Staff and as a contingent leader and boy was he wrong!”

Ron Wat says “I was impressed not by the mile long zip lines, huge arena shows, thousands of scouts in one place being hushed by a scout salute, rock climbing, rappelling, skateboarding, mountain biking, scuba diving, shooting sports, water sports, tech quest robotics and more. The best thing by far was the camaraderie built among the 32 scouts in my troop that came from all over the Chicago Area. Northside, Southside, Lakefront, Sox Fans and Cubs Fans all became a single unit by the end of the Jamboree.”


The 13th edition of the Boy Scout Handbook is now in service. Old editions are now defunct and no longer applicable. Many changes in rank requirements (which went into effect 1 Jan 16) are included in this edition as are many procedures and instructions, particularly in the first aid section. The book also has many upgrades for scout record keeping, etc.

Scouts are now required to complete scout skills in the manner prescribed in the 13th edition and NOT in the manner prescribed in the 12th edition. A scout who attempts to do CPR, for example, as described in the 12th edition, will be doing it incorrectly.

There are a lot of updates in the new book. This book is for sale at all scout shops, on line at or at Chicagoland Hobby, 6017 N. Northwest Highway. It comes in spiral binding or ‘perfect’ binding.


A new Medical Condition Update Form for Outings will now be required for each scout to be completed and turned in at departure time of each event. Please click here for the form.


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